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Daniel Rhatigan is a senior type designer at Monotype Imaging here in the UK. He worked as a designer and typographer in Boston and New York for 15 years before coming to study at the University of Reading in 2006. After receiving his MA in Typeface Design, he came to work at Monotype to research and design non-Latin typeface families, concentrating on Indic scripts. He also lectures on typography and branding in the Netherlands and the UK.
Senior Type Designer
Monotype Imaging
Talk: Saturday 13:00 Jeffery Hall
How I learned to stop worrying and love bad type
This talk is a look at the need for objectivity in type design and typography. Taking a look at a variety of examples of type and lettering around us, it emphasises the importance of looking not just at reliable sources but also at "bad" or amateur examples. These can have many useful lessons of their own that can inform the designer's work, particularly when wading into unfamiliar subjects.