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Jason Smith

Jason Smith is the founder and creative director of Fontsmith. Jason studied Calligraphy, Lettering and Signwriting at Art College before he went on to work producing lettering styles for consumer brands. Jason quickly established a reputation in Typeface Design and collaborated with a host of other font designers and graphic designers.
Jason set up Fontsmith in London in 1999 and became more involved with corporate identities. His true passion was graphic design and branding and Fontsmith gave him an opportunity to follow this passion. Over the next few years he developed and designed a series of typefaces and in 2001 released them in his own library. Fontsmith has never looked back and now employs five staff with 23 typefaces, as well as a long list of cool clients.
Founder and Creative Director
Talk: Saturday 16:00 Jeffery Hall
Making Faces
Jason will talk about his experiences over the years of making typefaces with particular personalities. The results and anecdotes have been educational, surprising, honest and fun.