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Ivo Gabrowitsch

Ivo Gabrowitsch is the Marketing Director of FSI FontShop International, home of the FontFont Library, progenitor of the international FontShop network, and publisher of the FontBook app. His claim to fame is his development and introduction of the unique ‘Web FontFonts’ concept onto the market.

Most recently he’s been working on a concept for producing fonts for apps and mobile devices. Before earning his engineering degree in print and media technology at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, he worked as a media designer on various print and non-print projects. Gabrowitsch also works as an editor for a number of online and offline typographic publications. In 2006 he invented the Berlin Typostammtisch, a bi-monthly gathering of type heavyweights. He loves to bike.
Marketing Director
Talk: Saturday 11:00 Jeffery Hall
App Fonts – the new Web Fonts
Though we’ve barely even had time to get used to Webfonts, the next big challenge is already looming on the horizon for font users and manufacturers: fonts for mobile devices. As with Webfonts, which have already become practically indispensable, there are a myriad of special considerations involved, including technical matters and, more importantly, legal issues that need to be addressed by the industry.

Are you even aware that it’s basically impossible to use professional fonts in any kind of mobile apps under the basic license? This presentation aims to sensitize both developers and graphic designers to this dicey topic and to introduce possibilities for secure embedding of mobile fonts. As an extra treat, this talk will also feature an overview of the current state of affairs in the world of Webfonts.