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Titus Nemeth

Titus Nemeth is a typographer, a student, and a teacher. His area of interest centers around Arabic and non-Latin typography. As a frequent traveller, his outlook is worldwide, privately as well as professionally with clients such as the BBC World Service, Fontsmith UK, the Brill publishing house in the Netherlands and WinSoft in France.

He works independently as designer and consultant and teaches at the ESAD Amiens, France, and the ESAV Marrakesh, Morocco. Since 2010 Titus researches aspects of the history of Arabic typography as a PhD candidate at the University of Reading, UK.

Titus Nemeth studied Graphic Design at die Graphische in Vienna, Austria, and holds an MA with Distinction in Typeface Design from the University of Reading. He studied Arabic in Syria, taught typography as an Assistant Professor at the VCUQ in Doha, Qatar, and pursued research at the post-diplôme of the ESAD Amiens.

His work has received numerous awards, including the Type Directors Medal for typographic excellence and the European Design Award.

Titus Nemeth is a member of ATypI, the TDC New York and Design Austria.
PhD Candidate
Reading University
Talk: Thursday 16:00 Logan Hall
BBC's Global Experience Language in 27 languages and 9 scripts
Kutlu Çanlıoğlu, Senior Creative Director at the BBC World Service will talk about the user experience and typographic challenges of translating the principles behind the BBC's new Global Experience Language (GEL) into the design of news services across 27 languages using 9 different scripts.

This work takes place against the backdrop of the less-than-perfect but now fast-evolving typographic environment of the web and Kutlu will talk about the practical solutions and strategies employed to meet these challenges.

Nassim is the first typeface used as an Arabic webfont on a major high-traffic site. Its use on the Arabic-script language websites of the BBC World Service prepared the ground for a new and enriched Arabic web typography. The development of this project entailed questions circling around typographic identities, script authenticity, technical constraints and the interplay of these factors. In implementing the Nassim webfonts for the BBC World Service, Titus Nemeth collaborated closely with the design team to address their requirements and built on a varied range of sources to inform design choices. This talk traces the process of these first steps in custom Arabic web typography, summarising the main challenges, solutions found and speculates about the way ahead.