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Eva-Lotta Lamm

Eva-Lotta is a freelance UX Designer. She previously headed the business design team at Skype, worked as interaction designer for Yahoo! in London and as lead designer for Kahn + Associates in Paris.

Besides her daytime mission of making the web a more understandable, usable and delightful place, she regularly takes sketchnotes at all sorts of talks and conferences and recently turned these into a little book.

She also teaches sketching and runs "UX Sketch Club", a monthly(-ish) meetup for people who are interested in experimenting with sketching and sharing their work.

Recently she has been interested in exploring the area of "Visual improvisation" – looking at the parallels between sketching and improvisation to explore how some of the principles from her regular theater improvisation practice can be used to inspire visual work.
UX Designer
Talk: Friday 12:00 Jeffery Hall
Sketchnotes are a way of capturing ideas in an engaging and visual way by combining the power of sketching and writing.

In May, Eva-Lotta was invited by Typo Berlin to capture talks in a visual way (See the notes here: flickr) and she is back to live-sketch some of the sessions at Typo London.

In her talk Eva-Lotta will give an introduction to this form of visual note taking and share the main characteristics that make it a great tool for designers (and anybody else) to capture their thoughts. She'll show and analyse lots of examples from different sketchnoters and share tips from personal experience and will provide attendants with the main principles and building blocks of sketchnotes as well as lots of inspiration to jump straight into taking their own visual notes.