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Pamela Mead

Pamela joined Telefonica R&D in 2009 as Director of User Experience and is responsible for the ideation and conceptualisation of innovative new services. She is also responsible for defining Telefonica’s Global User Experience, leading the User Experience lab, and working closely with the Corporate Focus Areas and Operating Businesses to deliver best of class solutions. Through her team’s engagement, Telefonica’s customer-centric methodology and practices are realized in many Global Initiatives.

Pamela has over 15 years of experience as User Experience expert and Product Design Strategist. She consulted with leading companies and Start Ups on mobile User Experience strategies. Previously she was the Global User Experience Director for Yahoo! Mobile, which focused on extending Yahoo!'s brand beyond the PC browser and onto new devices including mobile, broadband and digital home. Her team launched Yahoo! Go and Yahoo! OneSearch.

Prior to moving to design leadership positions inside large corporations, she lead interdisciplinary teams at leading Design consulting firms including MetaDesign and Doblin. During that time, she developed holistic models for developing Branded product and service experiences.

Pamela holds an MS in Communication Design from the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

Director of User Experience
Telefonica R&D
Talk: Saturday 15:00 Logan Hall
The Magic Number
Data is rapidly becoming our most valuable asset for understanding consumer behaviors and measuring product success. When we look into the future, it is the exponential growth and availability of metrics that can either help or daunt us. Sensitivity to data, to data utility, its implications and impact provide an opportunity for designers to play a key role in determining how data is applied and interpreted. Designers need to visualize, translate and envision using this data. Telefonica has both a vision for future capabilities and has access to remarkable data. As designers, we can and should play a central role in how this capability is leveraged for a better future.