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Morag Myerscough

“Morag Myerscough has produced an eclectic – and sometimes eccentric – body of work that is frequently unclassifiable but always offers a high level of engagement. She combines formal graphic design methodologies (typography, image making, colour theory) with highly individualist craft skills."
Extract: Adrian Shaughnessy – Book: Supergraphics – Transforming Space: Unit 02 – Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy

Over the years Morag has concentrated on working way beyond the restrictions of 2-D and creates and curates many different types of work including a train as a café, numerous exhibitions, interpreting buildings plus running her own gallery and shop 'her house'.

Myerscough believes that wayfinding is not purely about a series of signs but as much about bringing out the narrative in the built environment, enhancing the physical experience, it is very important how people feel when they move through a space, if they can move easily almost unconsciously and if you can make them smile and feel happy that is one of the best outcomes.

Morag studied at St Martin's and the Royal College of Art. Starting Studio Myerscough in 1993.
Studio Myerscough
Talk: Saturday 12:00 Logan Hall
How being born and bred in London stimulates and affects her work, how and where she lives, what she likes and some things she does not. How she is fascinated in experimenting and finding out how to make work that engages people on many levels. How in this time of living increasingly in virtual environments, our physical world must work harder as the time we spend in it is more precious.