TYPO London 2011 Places

Tim Fendley

Tim is both the founder of  Applied_ and Co-Conference Director of TYPO London.
In his day job at Applied_ , Tim's central focus is making places more understandable by providing useful information. Applied_ has taken leading roles in projects defining the way people understand and navigate many cities including London, Glasgow, Brighton, Dublin, Vancouver and now New York and is part of the EdenSpiekermann Alliance.

Tim has a passion for ‘people and places’ and
has helped to develop a methodology that
encompasses diagnostic testing in real situations mixed with product design prototyping techniques. He has helped to design the digital interface of the latest generation of on-street information points and was the lead designer of the ground breaking Bristol Legible City Initiative. This was the first scheme of its kind to focus on making the city ‘legible’ and at the same time creating a strong city identity. The scheme has won numerous urban design and planning awards, and a DBA award for Design Effectiveness. The system has subsequently been used as a best-practice example, by the Commission for Architecture and the Commission for the Built Environment and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Tim has edited various publications, websites and magazines, and has won numerous awards from D&AD, Design Week, DBA, European Design Awards and New York Type Directors Club. He is a contributor to the international design press, and has been a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art where he has been working with the Helen Hamlyn Centre – a department focused on inclusive design. Tim has recently been made a member of the Centre’s advisory board.

Tim was also the founder and Creative Director
of MetaDesign in London, where he established
an award winning standard for work in editorial,
environmental, identity and interactive design
for clients such as Bosch, Ferrari, Graphics International, Gilbert & George, The Economist, Glasgow 1999, Orange and Lexus.

Tim is a tireless speaker and campaigner for the development of accessible wayfinding systems for public places. He has spoken on the subject at the London School of Economics, Reading University, Sign Design Society and the International Institute for Information Design in Vienna. As a UK member of IIID, he also organised and convened a conference on the subject of wayfinding and transportation. Designs and Destinations.
Creative Director
Talk: Friday 15:00 Logan Hall
Legible London
Wayfinding in cities is fundamentally an issue of urban design and architecture. Recent projects have successfully experimented with the use of information design to respond to the gaps in peoples knowledge. Where urban design is concerned with the space between the buildings, legible cities are concerned with the space between the ears. This talk reviews the principles behind, and development of, these recent approaches.