TYPO London 2011 Places

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Terms & Conditions

Registration process
The registration procedure and payment are handled by Amiando Services. After your online registration for TYPOLondon 2011 “Places”, you will receive an email from Amiando Services containing a booking confirmation and an invoice. Please bring a printed copy of this confirmation to the Logan Hall for registration at the conference. You will receive your conference tickets at our on-site registration desk. For student admissions, please also bring along a valid copy of your enrollment certificate and a copy of your student identification to the venue. The registration team will need to verify that all students are enrolled in valid education programmes as of 20 October 2011.
Included in the Conference fee
Your conference fee provides admission to the conference (three days) and admission to the concluding event on Saturday. The programme is subject to change without notice. The organisers are not liable for refunds in the event of any unforseen programme changes. Errors reserved. Legal venue: London. The conference is held in the English Language. No translation services are available.
Professional tickets are available in three tranches/contingents. Student tickets are available in two tranches/contingents. See the ticket price information above. There are a limited number of tickets sold in all of the advance sale phases. Tickets are only guaranteed when bought in advance, until a tranche/contingent is sold out. If one advance sale phase is sold out, you may buy a ticket in the following registration phase.
A participant, who is unable to attend the conference, may name a substitute attendee in writing. Student tickets may be used by student substitutes, professional tickets, by professional substitutes. In all/any case(s) of changing a participant, please contact the registration team: registration@typolondon.com.

Cancellation of reservations are possible in writing until 21 August 2011. All cancellations are subject to an administrative fee of £3.90 to Amiando Services. After 21 August 2011 (until 21 October, 2011) cancellations will cost an additional administrative fee of £90.00 excluding VAT. There will be no reimbursement of conference fees after 6 October, 2011. In any case of a cancellation please contact registration@typolondon.com.

Absence from the conference does not entitle to reimbursement of the admission fee. Cancelled tickets will be resold immediately.