TYPO London 2011 Places


TYPO London comes home! 20-22 October, sees TYPO London, the event based on the hugely successful TYPO Berlin conference, return to its roots in London.
What is TYPO London?
TYPO London is a three day conference offering up to 40 presentations from the heart of London. TYPO conferences were birthed in the desktop publishing revolution of the 1990s and overtime, events have become a broad based representation of the creative industry, cultural and social issues and as the name suggests, a contemporary commentary on graphic design, typography and communication from the word up. This is the inaugural year for TYPO London and the speaker programme is deliberately broad, attempting to cover these bases through aspects of visual communication, film, emerging media, design, education, technology, information and typography.

Who's coming?

TYPO London speakers are established in industry as leading thinkers, practitioners, crafts people, technologists and designers. From students to business leaders, TYPO London is a forum to learn about the exemplary, from best of the best. Anyone interested in learning new perspectives, meeting people and making connections in the creative industry should sign-up.

Why come to TYPO London?
Conferences come and they go. TYPO is sixteen years old and has nurtured and showcased some exceptional creative talent. TYPO London has a unique and strongly established line up featuring a premium list of speakers to inspire, suggest, provoke and document the creative world in which we live.

10 Reasons strong reasons for buying a ticket

1. Great content
Some of the world’s leading experts in design are on stage supported by an able cast of hot contemporary talent, forming an eclectic mix of culturally relevant presentations.

2. Ideas and thought leadership
TYPO keynotes are often ground breaking insights and first views of ideas that become industry standards. Learn from people working in different areas of creativity, media and design.

3. Staying in touch

Broaden your perspectives! Take the blinkers off. The world is bigger than your own story.

4. Format

Three days of back-to-back keynotes and presentations - a creative bootcamp for the eyes and mind.

5. Recharge

Take time to think – away from the pressures of work or university.

6. Network
Delegates are a mix of industry professionals and students. Make new friends and meet old colleagues. Stay fresh – our charter is to provide students with 33% of the tickets. That's why TYPO in Berlin has a 50% renewal rate!

7. "Places
This year’s theme, "Places" explores our surroundings, how we interact with people, how we understand the environments we pass through and how we contextualise our world.

8. Motivation

We think TYPO London will become an annual ‘must-do’ in the London design agenda. Be part of this event as it grows to become an influential network within the global design community.

9. London

London’s still swinging! Visit one of the world’s great cities and creative centres.

10. Outstanding value
Three days of presentations spread over two stages, at up to 40 presentations over three days, TYPO London averages out at £16.25 per keynote at final Professional ticket prices. Value is as value does and there are no filler presentations on the "Places" schedule.

You can read twenty different reasons to enroll on the TYPO London blog.